Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Volunteer Week Proclamation

On April 13, the City Council authorized Mayor Hadfield to sign the following proclamation:


WHEREAS, the entire community can inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world; and

WHEREAS, a sense of caring and a desire to share have motivated hundreds of men and women and boys and girls to volunteer their time and services to the needs of others in the community by helping the sick, the elderly, or by enriching the lives of all through the arts, recreation and cultural activities, or by serving on boards and committees; and

WHEREAS, volunteers are increasingly recognized as important partners with government and industry in providing services to citizens; and

WHEREAS, individuals and communities are at the center of social change, discovering their power to make a difference; and

WHEREAS, during this week all over the nation, service projects will be performed and volunteers recognized for their service; and

WHEREAS, the giving of oneself in service to another empowers the giver and the recipient; and

WHERAS, our country's volunteer force of over 61 million is a great treasure; and

WHEREAS, volunteers are vital to our future as a caring and productive nation; and

WHEREAS, volunteering efforts offer everyone, young and old, the opportunity to participate in the life of their community and to link their talents and resources to address some of the major issues facing our communities; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting for all American Fork residents to join in this celebration of our rich volunteer heritage and to give special recognition to the dedicated volunteers and volunteer programs which contribute immeasurably to our city;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, James H. Hadfield, Mayor of American Fork City do hereby proclaim April 19-24, 2010, as


and urge my fellow citizens to volunteer in our community and to participate in American Fork City's Volunteer Week activities and to pay tribute to those who serve.


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