Friday, April 16, 2010

Snapshot of American Fork's Library

On April 12, in honor of library week, the American Fork library participated in Snapshot 2010, an effort to chronicle a day in the life of Utah libraries. Library staff collected stories, photographs, and statistics to show the great value that libraries consistently provide to the community.

Librarians also solicited short testimonials from patrons who dropped in that day. Here follow just a few of the love letters American Fork's people wrote to their library.
"It is an escape for my son and I. We participate in the Mom and Me classes and get new books each week. He looks forward to it each week and even though he is only two, I feel the library has helped to encourage his love of reading."
"My family loves the library. We come every week and check out our limit of 40 books. We read every day. It saves us money because we don't have to buy the books we read for book group or the whole series of Boxcar Children. My daughter has decided to read all 115 books."
"The library expands my children's knowledge by providing experiences as they interact in library programs and learn about the world around them and read books they would otherwise not have access to. This library also benefits our family dynamics by providing opportunities for families to participate together in various community programs."
"I love coming to the library! They do so many activities to involve families in reading. My kids love the different parties, classes, and story times. My children love to read and we have lots to choose from, although more would be better. You can never have too many books!"
"We can check out books and not have to purchase them."
"Encourages reading! It is a great place for my children to use books, discover reading, and increase imagination."
"I come to read books and for a fast Internet connection."
"The library is where my family and I can come to learn and enjoy time together."
"We love the library and all it provides for our family. I love the story time -- and the summer programs. I love the variety of books. Thank you and keep up the good work."
"I have been a patron of this library for 30 years. It helps me keep abreast of current events and review the history of our community, state, and nation."
"Libraries are an important resource for any community. They provide cheap entertainment, knowledge of all kinds, and help when you need it for many of life's transitions. I have been a library patron since I was little and passed on my love of books and the library to my family. They are an important component of free society."


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