Friday, April 2, 2010

Heidi Rodeback 2.0

Welcome to the second edition of my blog. If you are a returning reader, welcome back, and thank you for your patience in my absence. Sometimes a blogger needs a break.

If you are a new reader, welcome! This is the blog in which I chronicle my daring exploits, fabulous feats, and secret ambitions as a second-term City Council member in American Fork.

There are a few ground rules we follow here at the blog. Please do me the kindness to review them before we proceed further:

1. This blog does not represent the official position of American Fork City or of the City Council -- hence the title, "Speaking Personally." Readers will find here my own positions and opinions, but they must go to for official City policy.

2. This blog is biased. I do my best to be fair, impartial, and open-minded. I am always willing to listen to both sides of an issue, and I do my best to represent both sides here at the blog. Nevertheless, a single author always holds a single point of view. Those holding opposing views will always find bias in my accounts. This cannot be helped. Readers are well advised to consult multiple sources of reporting as they weigh the issues.

3. This blog is clean and respectful. I ask this standard both of myself and of those who log in to comment. All comments will be posted, regardless of whether I agree or disagree, so long as they are clean, respectful, and on topic.

4. This blog is confined to matters of American Fork City government. It does not treat school board, county, state or national issues except as they relate directly to the City.

5. I reserve the right to make mistakes. When I catch my mistakes, I will post corrections and apologies as appropriate.

My purposes here at the blog are many. This blog is about accountability. I feel it is important to account for my votes and my time as your representative. It's also about empowerment. I hope by writing to engage more of us in our government, because after all, American Fork is our home. Finally, this blog is personal. If nothing else, it gives me a journal of my experiences as I take my turn in this government by the people.

For the record, my first-term blog has been archived. It can now be found at a new URL, I have also linked to it in my blog roll.

Thank you for reading!


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