Friday, April 1, 2011

Laps vs. Pages

Readers of American Fork, unite!

Patrons of the library and patrons of the fitness center are, even now, engaged in mortal conflict. At stake is our personal honor -- and a lot of money.

The library is tallying the number of books checked out between March 28 and April 2.

The fitness center is recording the number of laps run, walked, or swum on those same days.

The winner will receive, for use in its programs, the proceeds from the "Go the Extra Mile" 5K Run/Walk, scheduled for next Saturday, April 9.

Much as I love my agressive, victory-obsessed brothers and sisters at the fitness center (I count myself among them, from time to time), I would be deeply humiliated if, in the contest of brains over brawn, it had to be said that American Fork had more brawn than brain.

Deeply humiliated.

So head on over to the library, my reading friends, and check out a pile of books! The contest continues through tomorrow. What better way to spend Saturday morning than at the library with your family?

P.S. Do also please sign up to run in the 5K by following this link. Registration is $15 through today, $20 hereafter.


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